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Real Estate Market News

Here’s a periodic update from Toma Partners co-founder Mihai Toma: OPINION SEGMENT: There are strong signs that modest depreciation in home values are just around the corner, such as the fact that demand has been consistently lower than supply for … Continue reading

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Luxury Home Sales Soar – Tax Policy Stimulates Market?

Tax policy can have big effects. Like the recent stimulation of the national luxury home market by sellers looking to reduce their liability before the ‘fiscal cliff’ arrived. According to this article in CNN Money,  “Sales of luxury homes spiked in … Continue reading

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Open up the champagne bottle!

Here’s a market update from Toma Partners CEO Mihai Toma: Open up the champagne bottle!  OPINION SEGMENT:  It is finally time to be optimistic about real estate.  That stated, institutional investors are starting to pull out of the Phoenix market because … Continue reading

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Bad Data Means Bad Decisions

Just read the headline this evening – Phoenix among worst real estate markets – and had to scratch my head. How can a market with 20%+ appreciation in the last six months be listed as one of the worst markets? By … Continue reading

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Phoenix Real Estate Market Update Summer 2012

Market Update from Toma Partners’ CEO Mihai Toma Four months ago I predicted the market was on the way up when most other news outlets predicted otherwise.  I hope the fact that I was correct increases the level of trust … Continue reading

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