Is Now a Good Time To Sell? Take The 60 Second Quiz

It seems that there is something on the news about real estate market statistics on a daily basis. If I were to summarize what the media says over the course of a week, it would probably sound something like this: “The market is rebounding, no, the market is falling, no it’s rebounding again. Tune in at 6 for full coverage.” 

In reality, it may not matter what the market is doing this minute. What matters is whether your own situation puts you in a position to sell, negotiate a short sale, or whether you should wait for a couple years for the market to improve.

This quiz will help you determine whether or not you are a good candidate for selling your home in this market. It is very important to consider whether holding on a home is the right course of action. Things that you need to consider include when you plan to sell and how the home is affecting finances. This quiz will help you determine whether or not you should consider selling now, short selling your home or holding and not selling at all. Please take the quiz and find out if your current decision to hold, sell or short sell is the right decision for your life.

You don’t have to be in the Phoenix area to use this quiz. It should work for just about any location. If you are in the Phoenix metro area, and want to find out more about current market conditions or get a home value report, we’d be thrilled to help.

Disclaimer: This quiz is not intended to offer financial or legal advice. Homeowners are encouraged to consult with a real estate professional, their financial advisors and attorneys to determine their proper course of action.



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